"Let's go to sleep in Paris, And wake up in Tokyo. Have a dream in New Orleans, Fall in love in Chicago, Mayne. Then we can land in the motherland, Camelback across the desert sand. Take a train, to Rome, or home,
Brazil, forreal."

Heading over to Barney’s for their “Artisan Day” was super fun. The menswear style icon Phillip Crangi was there with his sister Courtney, custom stamping jewelry for the stylish crowd perusing the store.

Most of you know that my arm party is all silver baby, and even though the signature Giles and Brother railroad spike is usually the golden brass color, I opted to get mine in a chunky silver with a personal Bible verse of: Ephesians 1:18.   

Giles and Brother at Barney’s | Midtown, NYC.

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