"Let's go to sleep in Paris, And wake up in Tokyo. Have a dream in New Orleans, Fall in love in Chicago, Mayne. Then we can land in the motherland, Camelback across the desert sand. Take a train, to Rome, or home,
Brazil, forreal."

The days are getting shorter and sadly the trees too. What use to be fully dressed branches with the fiercest golden and red yellow leaves are now barren and lonely. All the leaves have fallen in the opposite direction, and now lay blanket on the fall chilled floor.

Lucky for this stylist, product looks good on golden yellow leaves, no? Lately these accessories have been my go to: a felt grey hat from none other than Target, a Cole Haan wristlet, and my Giles and Brother silver railroad spike.

I’m a big fan of minimal adornment, but a good accessory can make or break your outfit!

Fall, falls. | Maria Hernandez Park. | Bushwick, Brooklyn. 

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